Relieve the stress and find yourself

Are you a smart woman with a huge heart, but struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?

Whether you want greater intimacy with your partner or greater success in your profession, it’s time to learn how you’re holding yourself back. It’s also time to learn how to be your own best ally — and to fearlessly bring your loving leadership into the world.

I can help. Working with me, you’ll experience body-centered, grounded ways to help you unearth what keeps you from knowing what you want, expressing what you want — and getting what you want!

Let go of the fears that bind you.

Imagine how your relationships with your family, your boss, or your colleagues would be if you felt like you could ask for ALL of  what you need and get those needs met.

I’m here to help you live into that future.

I help women learn how to navigate difficult relationships…with others AND with themselves.
I care deeply about empowering women to know how they feel, to discover what they need and to speak up for what matters.

Why is it so hard to get our needs met?

When we want something — and the other person doesn’t — conflict is inevitable.
For many of us, that conflict gets pushed inside, so we deny our own needs while trying to please everyone else or working hard to succeed at EVERYTHING.

Do you ever hear yourself saying…

“I don’t want to be a bother…”

“I can just let that go…”

“It’s not that big of a deal…”

“I can compromise on this…”

“I can give up this one little thing…”

It may seem like no big deal in the moment, but if being nice is one of your relationship strategies, you’ll soon realize you’ve given whole chunks of yourself away.

You may think that keeping your wants and needs to the side is helpful. You may not want to “inconvenience” anyone. You may think you have to sacrifice what you really want in order to keep the peace. Or you may feel you have to get “bossy” to get things done.

But this avoidance of conflict and self-snuffing is death by a thousand tiny cuts for a relationship or a career or a personal growth journey.

It creates resentment that festers. It keeps you small and disconnected from yourself. It keeps others from giving you what you want. And it definitely keeps you from the light of your GREATNESS.

Know what you truly want — with clarity and confidence.

I believe most women are caught in a trap of what I call “Good Girl” patterns. Those patterns are mostly about avoiding conflict. But they also keep us from expressing ourselves — and being our FULL selves — in relationships at home, at work, or at play.

When my clients learn how to release themselves from these Good Girl patterns, they feel infinitely freer to say what they want, do what they want, love who they want — and make a greater impact with their own unique gifts.

When my clients discover what they want and how to get it, they become happier and more confident. They build healthy pride and a sense of resilience — a knowing that no matter what Life brings to them, they’ll be able to navigate their way to what they need and want. And, as they make these inner shifts, they notice their external relationships transforming in kind.

Are you seeking a breakthrough? Are you longing to lean into your life with your whole heart?

If being “good” is keeping you from being GREAT, I can help.

Get personalized support:

·      Therapy for letting go of the “Good Girl”

·      Conflict-resolution coaching 

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Change begins when you say “Yes” to it.




Your journey to living your life out loud starts here.

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